Like every stage of planning your wedding, picking the bridesmaids’ dresses is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Exciting, right? But because it’s a one-off, I know making a decision can be a little scary. After all, you can’t rely on past experience to help you choose the perfect outfit – because you don’t have any – and you can’t comfort yourself knowing you’ll get it right next time.
Sure you might have learned a thing or two from being a bridesmaid, but it’s another ballgame when you’re calling the shots. At least, that’s how I felt at my wedding.
But luckily you can learn from other’s wisdom like, ahem, me! So if you want a bit of unsolicited advice (which I’m guessing you do because you’re still reading) then here are my tips for picking bridemaids’ dresses:
Get experimental and try different necklines and fabrics.  The best way to see what works with your maids’ body shape and colouring is to play dress up.  Even if you’re already set on what style you want before you walk in the door, it doesn’t hurt to try a few options out, does it? After all, you might find something even better than you imagined!
Follow your heart. If you find a dress, and you’re happy with it (better, if you fall in love with it!) – then go with it! In my opinion, almost nothing feels as good as ticking one more item off the to-do list. Plus, once you have the dresses locked down you can get started on the flowers, styling and everything else that’s demanding your attention.
Try different colours. Fact: some shades can look dull on a rack but pop when they’re being worn. Be open to experimentation and you might be blown away by something that’s surprisingly spectacular. Don’t get hung up on your bridemaids all wearing an identical hue either. They can look incredible in different shades of the same colour – like a tonal rainbow.
Get a colour swatch for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Once you’ve ordered your gowns, grab a fabric sample to take with you. You can use it to help bring together all the themes you have for your big day.
Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process. Planning the big day will last longer than the wedding, so make sure you enjoy it!

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