After wasting hours trying to find the right gowns for my, I was inspired to open Bridesmaids Only. I felt brides and their friends need a relaxing place where they could have fun and dress shopping wouldn’t be a chore. Because let’s be honest, when you have a thousand things to plan, the pressure can suck out all the fun! Plus, if you’re frazzled when you’re trying to lock down your maids’ outfits, it’s easy to overlook some of the finer details.
Since my wedding and opening Bridesmaids Only three years ago, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about picking the right look. So here are three things you should consider:
Add some bling. Any woman who has a passing interesting in fashion (or has ever flipped through a mag) knows accessories can make an outfit. So start thinking about your maids’ jewellery because a gorgeous bracelet or a statement necklace can be the finishing touch your maids need.
B.Y.O.Flats. As a bridesmaid veteran, I can confirm maids’ feet <will> kill by the end of the day. After all, they stand as much as the bride. That’s why I recommended packing flats into their bags – the collapsible ones are perfect for small clutches – so they can swap shoes when they can’t wear heels for another second.
Bridesmaids dresses don’t have to be identical. If you want maids to wear an outfit that suits their figure, why not let them rock different dresses in the same hue? They’ll look beautiful and the colour will still tie the look together. Another way to break from tradition is for the maids to wear different shades of the same hue. Imagine a gradient of dresses – gorgeous!

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