A few years ago, a lot of people noticed a very large wedding-sized whole in the app market and they all rushed to fill it at once. Within a year wedding apps were flooding the market. But now there are so many that it’s hard to tell the duds from the lifesavers! So to save you time and energy, I thought I’d share a few of my faves with you.
Wedding Budget (free)
With some many little details to plan, it can be hard to keep track of your budget. The Wedding Budget app lets you set up a budget (surprise, surprise), watch your expenses and give you a quick view of your spending with a graphic chart. If you’re a visual person like me, it will help you get a quick handle on things.
myPantone Wedding & Events ($5.49)
The colour specialists Pantone have joined forces with the wedding specialists AKA The Dessy Group! The end result? An awesome app that’ll help you pick your colour theme and look for inspiration too. You can pin everything to a Styleboard so everything matches from his tie to your table settings.
iWedding Deluxe – The Wedding Planner ($6.49)
If you want a one-stop shop planning app, then the iWedding Deluxe is a must-have. It offers easy budgeting tools, gift trackers, a seating plan chart, guest list organization and multiple to-do lists. Phew!
Wedding Party (free)
If you have one photo app for your wedding, this is it. Thanks to the Wedding Party app, your friends and family can all log in and share the photos of your special day in one customized photostream à la Instagram. It’s great because it means you can share pics of your rehearsal dinner and other wedding-related events with your nearest and dearest without having to share it with the world.
Wanderable (free)
If you’ve got all the blenders and toasters you need, then why don’t you ask your wedding guests to give you the gift of an awesome honeymoon?! Plan your dream honeymoon through the Wanderable app (or site) and your friends and family can help pay for that dinner at that place you wanted or pay for an elephant ride  – whatever. They get to choose which activities they want to fund and you can send them all a thank you note through the app too. Easy peasy.
Main image credit: Wedding Party.

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