So the Big Day has arrived, the bride is beautiful and the maids are looking pretty damn smoking hot too… all good so far! But if you’ve ever danced all night long you know that even if you’re glam at the beginning, it isn’t easy to look lily fresh from open to close. So since the maids have more responsibilities than wearing a beautiful bridesmaids dress, it’s up to them to make sure the bride (and themselves) make it through the night looking flawless and unscathed.
This is where the bridesmaid survival kit comes in. Keep these items in your clutch and avoid any potential disasters:
Anti-acids. You know what ruins a good night? Acid burning up your belly! With free-flowing booze and rich food, it doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to believe indigestion might raise its ugly head. Keep a box of anti-acids like Tums handy, just in case.
Flats. You’re going to be on your feet for hours in high heels and nothing sabotages a good dance-off like limping. Save yourself the physio session by switching to ballet flats later in the night.
Hollywood tape. I have a funny story about my sari falling off at an Indian wedding as the camera guy kept filming. It was at the catering table and very, very awkward. Luckily the core pieces stayed on (it was just the part you wrap around) but I could have REALLY used some Hollywood tape then. Don’t repeat my mistakes, have a box in your clutch.
Safety pins. These babies have saved many a potential wardrobe disaster.
Hair pins. You don’t want your hair (or the brides) getting loose and ruin that perfect hairdo!
Face blotters. These are your new best friends. They’ll remove any shine from your face without disturbing your makeup.
Stain removal packets. Unless the wedding only has white food and drinks, then a mishap could occur! These will save a bridesmaids or wedding dress from being completely spoiled by a glass of red wine.
Tissues. At some stage there will be tears and someone is going to need a tissue – lucky you’re there with a packet on hand!

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